Garlic Peeler Machine

Garlic Peeler Machine

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We manufacture garlic peeling machine with high-quality stainless steel and reliable components. It is used to remove the skin of garlic etc. This automatic machine comes with computerized control panel. It peels the garlic thoroughly. The peeled garlic is used in Restaurants, Hotels, Canteens, Local Market, Snacks Making Industries, and other Food Processing Industries. 

Applications of Garlic Peeler Machine: 

We design & manufacture garlic peeler machine, which is perfect for peeling fresh garlic cloves. This machine is based on Pneumatic principle. It offers 95% up accuracy, without any damage to garlic cloves. There is micro controller system for automated temperature control.

Garlic Peeler Machine Feature: 

  • Fully automatic and dry garlic cloves operation
  • Energy saving unit, highly compact
  • Works on compressed air – high production efficiency 
  • Easy for cleaning and maintenance
  • Simple to operate, Automatic dry-peeling operation 
  • Automatic temperature control & feed device
  • Peels various size of garlic and clove, membrane separated
  • Ideal for complete production line or standalone units
  • Long preservation of garlic, and cloves are not damaged
  • Production output parameters: season, breed and nature of garlic

capacity per Hour: 40/80/120
Power: 3 Phase
Approximate material: S.S.
Weight 175kgs
L*B*H 1700*1300*600
Guarranty 1 year